👋 Welcome to Auckland Schools' Debating Advanced Open 2021

Welcome to Auckland Schools' Debating Advanced Open for 2021. All debates for this grade will be taking place at either St Cuthbert's College or Carmel College (link to venue information).


Round 1 (see note below):        
- St Cuthbert's College - Tuesday 13 April (Term 1)
- Carmel College - Tuesday 4 May (Term 2)
Round 2: Tuesday 18 May
Round 3: Tuesday 1 June
Round 4: Tuesday 15 June
Round 5: Tuesday 29 June
Catch-Up Round: Tuesday 6 July

Due to a clashing event at Carmel, we will be running a split Round 1 for AO in 2021. Teams assigned to St Cuthbert's College will debate on Tuesday 13 April and teams assigned to Carmel College will debate on Tuesday 4 May.

Grade Information

All debates in Advanced Open are limited preparation. Teams will be provided with 1 hour to prepare.

The motion will be announced at 5:30pm and 7:00pm, with debates starting at 6:30pm and 8:00pm respectively. Teams should arrive 15 minutes before the motion will be announced.

Tournament Staff
Contact Us:

Email: info@asd.org.nz
Grade Convener: Izzy Ray-Chaudhuri - 021 0825 2258
Chairperson: Zachary Wong - 021 15 888 01

For all queries about the grade including, motions, draws, scheduling, catch-up requests and defaults please contact the grade convener Izzy Ray-Chaudhuri. 

Contact Deadlines:

All catch up requests must be made by emailing the ASD email (info@asd.org.nz) by Monday 4pm, the day before the debate.

Notice of a default after Tuesday 12pm, the day of the debate must be made by email and by calling the grade convener. Any requests after Tuesday 2pm will be considered a default without notice.