👋 Welcome to Auckland Schools' Debating Junior Open 2021 - Northern Zone

Welcome to the Northern Zone of Junior Open!

Round format breakdown:

  • Rounds One and Two will be prepared debates. The topic will be announced more than one week in advance.
  • Rounds Three and Four will be ‘advised subject’ debates, where an advised subject will be given more than a week in advanced.
  • Round Five will be a limited preparation debate. For limited preparation and advised subject debates, one hour notice of the moot is given.

Key dates:

  • Round 1: 12th April
  • Round 2: 17th May
  • Round 3: 31st May
  • Round 4: 14th June
  • Round 5: 28th June
  • Catchup Round: Tuesday 6th July at St Cuthbert's College

Venue information can be found here.

Tournament Staff
Contact Us:

Email: info@asd.org.nz
Grade ConvenersVanessa Xiong (022 309 6061) and Kunli Zhang (027 518 8298)
Chairperson: Zachary Wong - 021 15 888 01

For all queries about the grade including, motions, draws, scheduling, catch-up requests and defaults please contact the grade conveners Vanessa and Kunli. 

Contact Deadlines:

All catch up requests must be made by emailing the ASD email (info@asd.org.nz) by Friday 4pm, the weekday before the debate.

Notice of a default after Monday 12pm, the day of the debate must be made by email and by calling the grade convener. Any requests after Monday 2pm will be considered a default without notice.